First of all, I do want to share my thoughts and opinions on the historic 2016 Presidential election, as well as set the stage for the creation of a new “Major” political party here in the good old USA.  So after my brief congratulatory blah blah blah, I will get right in to the nitty gritty, the platform of the FUTURIST PARTY OF AMERICA

Although I might be considered to be a far, far left leaning person who does not agree with many of the thoughts and principals of the right and far right, i.e., and Republicans, I AM a patriotic American, and a citizen of this great country of ours, so I join with most of the population in saying, “Congratulations to our next President, Mr. Donald J. Trump, Sr.”. The people have voted, AND spoken in spite of the fact that this was the most vicious, hatred filled election in modern history. I also believe that the Electoral College is outdated, and should be abolished in favor of POPULAR VOTE totals, which Hillary won. So, let’s be fair and give our new POTUS-Elect a chance. If he DOES fuck up, the Republicans on their OWN will impeach him, and be happy to do so. Think about it.

Having gotten that bit of tearful, emotional crap out of the way, I also must share the following thoughts and conclusions, with a primary focus on what my platform is going to be as the founder of the………..Wait for it……….FUTURIST PARTY.

Addendum added April 28,2017: Much of what I write about that expresses my opinions and suggestions can be found at Some topics you will find there I will be repeating,or adding to this website. The most recent is critical to the survival of our species on this planet

From time to time, in order to sync this website with my other site, I will add pages to both with information that will hopefully help people understand the problems and issues we, as a species, currently face. One of these is added today is my opinion/thoughts on what to do with the possibility of confronting North Korea over their desire to have the “Bomb”.  It is added as a page titled PEACEMAKERS OF PLANET EARTH.

Extinction or Utopia?

I believe it is possible to change the path of our uncontrolled evolution towards extinction as a species. So I decided to create a Facebook group dedicated to worldwide peace and prosperity. PEACEMAKERS OF PLANET EARTH at Who knows, maybe there are many out there in FBLand that agree with me. For background, and my particular views on world peace and sphincter muscles, go to my website, Those of you that want to get involved, please write to me. Those that wish to contribute thoughts, ideas, i.e., written words, feel free. I will be writing a PEACE AND FREEDOM CHARTER, which might sound a little out there for some of you folk, just smile, it’s all about loving one another, as we would want to be loved.